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Awards open to both AHPs and healthcare scientists

Category 1. The year of Green Action award for AHPs and healthcare scientists creating a healthier environment:

Judges will select the entries from across all categories that have demonstrated the most impressive environmental awareness and an award will be presented to celebrate the Year of Green Action.

Category 2.  Welsh Government’s award for Prudent healthcare

Category 3. The NHS Employers award for outstanding achievement by an AHP or healthcare science apprentice, support worker or technician

Category 4. Rising Star award

Awards open to healthcare scientists only

Category 5.  Viapath award for innovation in healthcare science

Category 6. Scottish Government’s award for Driving improvement, delivering results

Category 7.   The Academy for Healthcare Science award for inspiring the healthcare science workforce of the future

Category 8. Biomedical Scientist of the Year award, sponsored by IBMS

Awards open to AHPs only

 Category 9.  The AHP Clinical Leadership award sponsored by Allied Health Solutions

Category 10.  The Council of Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR) Award for Evaluating Health and Social Care Practice

Category 11. Chroma award for Excellence in Neurorehabilitation in association with INPA

Category 12: The Scottish Government award for Improving quality; measuring and demonstrating impact

Category 13. The Guardian award for AHPs working with people who have mental health problems

Category 14. Faculty of Public Health and Public Health England Award for contributions to public health

Category 15. The Northern Ireland award for Maximising resources for success

Overall winner: The judges select the overall winner from the category winners.