The submission deadline for all entries is 5pm Monday 25 January 2016

You can download the Info Sheet which has all the category questions here.

We welcome entries in the following categories:

Awards open to both AHPs and Healthcare Scientists…

Category 1 The Welsh Government’s award for Prudently advancing practice Wales

Sponsored by  The Welsh Government

Advanced practice roles are increasingly seen as key to the development and delivery of healthcare services. The Welsh policy of prudent healthcare states as one of its principles that any person providing care should be aiming to operate at the top of their clinical competence.

This award is based on that principle and wishes to recognise those people who are advancing their practice in an innovative way. The development of Advanced Practitioners has presented significant opportunities for role development and service innovation. The award is open to AHPs and healthcare scientists who are able to evidence the innovative contribution and impact they have made in an advanced practice role on patient care.


Category 2 Institute for Physics and Engineering in Medicine award for patients as IPEM-Logo-stacked-text-CMYK-300x242partners in science

Sponsored by Institute for Physics and Engineering in Medicine

This award is for any healthcare professional(s) who has successfully adapted, explained or demonstrated complex science to patients to improve their comfort, safety, treatment or understanding.


Category 3 Unite the Union award for working togetherUNITE-the-union-Logo

Sponsored by Unite the Union

This award recognises outcomes that have been achieved resulting from genuine interprofessional collaboration. If you are an allied health professional or a healthcare scientist and have played a leading role in an example of innovative team working, please share your experiences by applying for this ‘working together’ award. We are particularly interested in examples where one of more of the allied health professions have worked with one or more of the healthcare sciences.


Category 4  Award for outstanding achievement by a support worker or technician working alongside an AHP or healthcare scientist

This award is open to support workers, assistant practitioners, technicians, apprentices or others of a similar title working within an AHP or healthcare science team or environment. It aims to recognise and encourage their increasing contribution to improving patient outcomes by celebrating an individual or team that provide, or who are helping to provide, high quality, creative care which enhances the quality of life for the patient. Recognition of these achievements is important given the growing pressures on NHS service provision, and it is apparent that these roles are becoming increasingly crucial to sustaining efficient and effective services that maintain or improve the quality of patients’ lives. Nominations are welcomed from the individual, their team or by a patient, service user or carer.


Category 5  Chamberlain Dunn Learning’s Rising Star award

Sponsored by Chamberlain Dunn Learning CD-Learning-RGB-(H=50mm)

For this category we are inviting you to nominate a colleague or member of staff who has shown a level of initiative, skill and commitment that is truly exceptional. You may nominate anyone who has been working as a qualified allied health professional or healthcare scientist for less than five years, and who you and others recognise as a star in the making. We are looking for people who stand out from the crowd and have already shown courage in  meeting professional or personal challenges, displaying determination, creativity, intelligence and bravery; people who have continued to develop their skills and evidence-based practice since qualifying and flourished in whatever setting they have found themselves. This is an open award with no rigid criteria, so tell us his or her story.


Awards open to Healthcare Scientists only…

Category 6 Chief Scientific Officer’s Award for Leadership in action-                           improving patient care nhsengland_logo

Sponsored by NHS England 

The CSO’s award seeks to recognise healthcare scientists, at any stage of their careers, who, clearly demonstrate a passion for improving the quality of the services they provide for the benefit of patients. They will demonstrate their unique contribution in the NHS made by the scientific, diagnostic and therapeutic services they provide, as they lead their teams to continually improve patient services to ensure the NHS provides high quality care for all.


SG logo(1)

Category 7  The Scottish Government’s award for Driving improvement, delivering results

Sponsored by The Scottish Government

This new award is for all healthcare scientists in Scotland who have demonstrated their expertise to drive improvement and maximise the contribution of healthcare science. The ambition is to deliver sustainable and coherent teams and services that promote the overall NHS Scotland’s ambitions of improving quality, safety and patient experiences of care. This delivery leads to increasing the health of the population, ensuring equity and best value of resources.


Category 8 The Academy for Healthcare Science award for innovationAHCS_logo

Sponsored by the Academy for Healthcare Science

This award is to an organisation, service, educational institution, professional body, or an individual that develops and encourages an environment that promotes innovation by healthcare scientists or through the healthcare science workforce.  We are looking for systems and policies that foster creativity and which maximise the contribution of all individuals. We would like to see evidence that demonstrate the ways in which innovation is encouraged and sustained and examples of the real or potential benefits to patient care.



Category 9 Public Health England Award for contributions to public healthPHE_Logo

Sponsored by Public Health England

Public Health England seeks to recognise allied health professionals who have demonstrated leadership and partnership working to deliver effective health improvement interventions at scale or with the potential to be used at scale.


Category 10 The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer’s award                                               for Entrepreneurship nhsengland_logo

Sponsored by NHS England

This award aims to find and showcase AHPs in England, working in the NHS, local government, the independent or third sectors, who have devised unusual or creative ways to improve people’s experience of healthcare by, for example, forging unconventional partnerships, making use of new technologies or developing advanced practice.


Category 11 The Scottish Government’s award for improving quality: measuring SG logo(1)and demonstrating impact

Sponsored by The Scottish Government

This award seeks to recognise AHPs who have transformed a service or services and in doing so can demonstrate an improved patient and staff experience. You need therefore to have had time to evaluate the innovation fully and to have modified the service appropriately. You should also be able to demonstrate that the transformed service is delivered in a way that improves the quality of patient care and must prove what you have achieved is sustainable.


Category 12 The Northern Ireland award for Maximising resources for successDHSSPS-rgb_hr

Sponsored by Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Northern Ireland

This award recognises the crucial role of AHP leadership in driving forward service redesign to ensure safe, sustainable, and effective quality services provided in the right place at the right time by the right people.

The shape of future services proposed for health and social care should place the individual at the centre of any model by promoting better outcome for service users, carers and their family. Outcomes and quality evidence should shape services to deliver optimum outcomes for service users. New models must be focused on prevention initiatives and earlier interventions, and on promoting health and well-being.


Category 13 The Macmillan award for Leadership and innovation in cancer rehabilitation


Sponsored by Macmillan Cancer Support 

Cancer rehabilitation is essential at all stages of a patient’s journey from diagnosis through to end of life care. Rehabilitation is aimed at maximising and optimising the patients physical, psychological and economic functioning while ensuring their dignity. Rehabilitation in this patient group has many benefits including improving quality of life, enabling and supporting people to self-manage, enabling the symptoms and the consequences of treatment to be supported and managed while considering the patients and their relatives and families social situation.